1 Hon'ble Minister,Labour & Employment,Training & Factories. Chairman
2 Secretary,Labour & Employment,Training & Factories Department. Ex-Officio Vice Chairman
3 Director of Employment & Training Department,Government of Telangana Ex-Officio Managing Director
4 Commissioner of Labour,Government of Telangana Director
5 Commissioner, Technical Education,Government of Telangana Director
6 Secretary, Home Department,Government of Telangana Director
7 Secretary, Finance Department,Government of Telangana Director
8 Regional Passport Officer,Hyderabad,Government of India Director
9 Protector of Emigrants,Government of India,Hyderabad Director
10 Additional Director,Training,Government of Telangana Director
11 Member from Migrant Council & NGO ,Government of Telangana Director
12 Representative of leading employer in Middle East ,Government of Telangana Director